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A secure payment gateway, making it easier than ever for customers to pay and faster than ever for the money to reach your account.

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Low transaction fees
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Fraud protection
Dedicated support
Low transaction fees
No set-up costs
No subscription fees
Fraud protection
Dedicated support
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Introducing QuickPay

The fastest way to split and pay

Everything at their fingertips

Customers can see the menu, ask for a bill and pay in seconds, all from their phone.

Skip the app download

Simply scan a QR code, no download or sign-up!

Encourage repeat business

Boost your business and customer experience with marketing & loyalty features.

Your branding

A seamless business and web app experience that uses your brand identity - Pepper is behind-the-scenes.

Seamlessly integrated

QuickPay features

Getting paid quickly and securely shouldn’t be difficult, now it’s not.


Pepper web pay

Pepper web pay

Pepper web pay

Eyes on the menu

Scan the QR code to view a PDF menu straight away – it really is that easy.

Simple bill paying

Settle the bill, split the cost or add a tip with just a tap.

No need to scroll

Customers can expand the view to see their full order.


Harness data

Harness data

Pay and split

Receipts made easy

Forget the till, allow customers to email themselves a receipt and sign up for rewards.

Data capture

With customer accounts, you can gain a deeper insight into your audience.

Communicate benefits

Discounts? Special offers? Let customers know why they should create an account.


Security and support

Security and support

Security and support

Fraud protection

With class-leading integrations like Stripe, payments are secure and safe. 

Reduced chargeback

Use the fastest web-based payments on the market to minimize chargebacks.

Full-time support

A 1-1 onboarding process with 7-days-a-week support.

Supercharge your payments now.

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QuickPay benefits

Let us deal with payments, so your staff can give customers the best experience.

Customer benefits

No need to wait to pay.

Order traditionally from restaurant staff.

Split the bill with a few taps.

Redeem gift cards.

Checkout without creating an account.

Staff benefits

Higher tips.

Focus on customer experience, not payment.

Less pressured work environment.

Seamless integration with POS.

Business benefits

Faster table turn.

Higher ATV.

Greater marketing and loyalty sign-ups.

7-days-a-week support.

Fully branded.

Reduced chargebacks.

Secure payments with future-proof integrations.

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